Manage all tasks from ordering to delivery with Clinic2Lab as your software system.​

Simple and efficient workflow with a digital work sheet​

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Simple and efficient workflow between Dentists and Dental laboratories ​

Optimize your workflow with Clinic2Lab. We offer an innovative and user-friendly cloud-based software that improves communication between dentists and dental laboratories. Our web-based order workflow is specially designed to facilitate collaboration between the two parts.

Our system is based on digitizing the work sheet, which reduces errors and eases the administrative burden. Remove unnecessary communication and focus more on other parts of your work. Do you want to improvequality and save significant amounts of time and money?


With Clinic2Lab you can improve conditions in your practice or laboratory. Try our software today and experience the benefits of a more efficient workflow.

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Save time and money

​Streamline your work process and avoid unnecessary communication with our digital work sheet. Save time and money by creating a streamlined workflow between Dentists and laboratories.

Case management

Avoid having to calculate delivery dates manually. Clinic2Lab automatically generates the delivery dates based on the selected laboratory and chosen products. Keep your patients updated with accurate delivery dates and increase their satisfaction. ​

Easy startup

Clinic2Lab is your reliable partner to comply withthe MDR requirements. Our software helps you to ensure that your documentation and traceability meets the medical regulations. ​

Privacy Policy

Our program is GDPR-compliant and ensures the protection of personally sensitive data. You can safely store and exchange information with encrypted communication and comply with all legal requirements.

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Make your transition to Clinic2Lab smooth - We are here to help whether you are interested in getting started or need advice and guidance. You are therefore always welcome to contact us. We offer help with setting up the program andoffer active support from 8-16. Friday 8-15:30.


Our goal is to ensure that you have a problem-free experience with Clinic2Lab. Let us help you optimize your workflow and get the most out of our program.

Inquiries are answered within 24 hours. Otherwise call us now on 88 44 44 96.

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