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Order - Creation and flow

You get a thorough overview of orders, and it is possible to follow them from start to finish. Including notice of delays.


Easy exchange of messages between the dentist and the laboratory if any questions about the work occurs.

Digital work sheet

​Make the workflow more efficient with a digital work sheet that reduces the amount of manual work.

Medical regulations

Get to grips with the MDR legislation and get help with the compliance to the authority requirements.

Data security

Clinic2Lab online fully complies with the requirements of personal data regulation (GDPR).      

Caring for the environment

Become more sustainable by stopping the unnecessary use of paper.                                                       

Optional extra functions


Integration with the accounting program to create invoices and manage bookkeeping more easily.

Delivery module

Solution for delivery dates and pick up of impressions at the clinic. Stay updated with the exact delivery date.

Hand scanner and barcodes

With this optional function, you can easily read LOT/ Batch barcodes.                                                          


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