Experience simpler and more effective communication

With Clinic2Lab, we have developed functions that make it faster and easier for you as a dentist or dental technician to communicate and place orders for dental prosthetics. Save time, avoid misunderstandings and achieve problem-free communication that contributes to an efficient and successful work process.

Here are some of the ways we improve communication between dentists and laboratories:

Electronic transmission of relevant data

You can electronically transmit patient information, X-rays, scans and other necessary data directly to the dental laboratory. This eliminates the need for physical copies and speeds up the ordering process.

Built-in messaging system with encrypted chat function

We have implemented a secure messaging system with an encrypted chat function that enables fast and secure communication between the dentist and the laboratory. You can easily exchange information and ask questions without having to use separate communication.

Exchange of specific messages

Through our built-in message centre, you can send specific messages between the dentist and the laboratory. If there are any deviations in the manufacturing of equipment, the dentist can be notified. This enables effective error correction and ensures that all parties are informed.

Built-in Google Translate

The program has built-in Google Translate in the text box, so that dentists and laboratories can translate into different languages. This promotes communication and understanding between international parties.

Automatic generation of messages in case of delays

If any delay occurs in the process, the system automatically generates a message to keep all parties informed. This ensures transparency and trust in the collaboration.

Notification of new orders

The laboratory is immediately notified when a dentist creates a new order. This allows the laboratory to be aware of new tasks and plan their work efficiently.


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