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​Clinic2Lab Online 

Inge Lehmanns Gade 10

8000 Århus C

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Tlf.: 88 44 44 96

Mail: info@clinic2lab.dk

CVR: 40217304​

Do you want to save time and increase the quality of the work process?

Please contact us for a non-binding presentation and pricing of the program. Presentation of the program can take place on Team viewer.

Save time and money

​The system is user-friendly and efficient - orders are created and shipped in just a few clicks.

Case management

Follow your order from start to finish and get the delivery date and a price estimate when you place your order.

Easy startup

The system is capable of individual setup and you can always get training and support.

Privacy Policy

The European Data Regulation (GDPR) is followed and all the information in the program is encrypted. 


Clinic2Lab Online
​CVR: 40217304​

​Telephone: +45 88 44 44 96

Inge Lehmanns Gade 10

8000 Århus C Denmark - Find the way