​How to get started

  1. ​Visit the front page of clinic2lab.dk or use this page to create a login.​​You will be presented with two types of login: dentist login and laboratory login.​
  2. Choose the login that suits you best. Note: If you are a dentist with your own laboratory or have a Chairside solution, you must create a laboratory login.​
  3. Fill in the necessary information about your company, including name, address, email and upload your logo.​
  4. After filling in this information, click the green "Submit" button. You will receive an e-mail with your username, password for Clinic2lab and a link to the program itself.​
  5. ​​​​​You are now ready to use Clinic2lab.

If you encounterany challenges during the startup, you are always welcome to contact us. Our support is available from 8-16 (Friday 8-15:30) and we will help you set up the program.

Specific creation information​

Information for the dental clinic

The Dentist version of Clinic2Lab operates on three different levels, which are dentist, clinic, and group. ​​Here is the overview of the different login options for dentists, their functions and in which case you want to use them. 

Dentist login: With this login type, you can create orders with dental laboratories and follow the order directly in the system. As a dentist, you can easily access the system through the EDI portal and create your individual dentist profilewith your preferred materials, products, and design. Import certificates, patient statements, and invoices directly into your record system as PDF files.​

Clinic Login: With Clinic2Lab's clinic login, you get a full overview of all dentists' orders for the clinic in question. As a receptionist or person with administrative responsibility in the clinic, this login gives you an easy overview over all cases.​

Group login: With Clinic2Lab's Group login, you get an overall administrative overview of several clinics' digital orders. Perfect for larger dental chains or clinics that are otherwise united under a common group.

Information for the dental laboratory

Clinic2lab for Dental laboratories:

​​The dental laboratory uses their login to receive orders from the dentist. When the dentist chooses to send the work to a specific laboratory through ​Clinic2lab, the laboratory's work sheet is displayed with their own logo. This means that all dental laboratories connected to the platform no longer need to print physical worksheets. The laboratory can see all orders directly in the system. ​


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