Protect your data and comply with the GDPR legislation

We take data protection seriously and ensure that all data shared in Clinic2Lab Online is encrypted and in accordance with the rules of the GDPR. We are committed to the protection of your personal information and provides the highest standard of data protection.

Here are some important points that show how we secure your data:

Encrypted data transfer between laboratories

When a laboratory sends data to another laboratory, all personal information, including dentist and patient names and date of birth, is inaccessible by the cooperating laboratory.

Outsourcing work with protection of personal information

If a laboratory wishes to outsource work to another laboratory, all personal information will of course not be visible to the receiving laboratory. Only order and reference numbers are visible, which ensures the confidentiality of your data. This also applies if the work is outsourced to a third country.

​Security on the portal

Once you have registered in our portal, no one can log in without permission. We take extensive security measures and even the programmer is subject to strict guidelines to ensure the protection of your data.

Encrypted and secure communication

All communication channels between dentists and dental laboratories in Clinic2Lab are encrypted and secured in the cloud. This ensures that your messages and information remain confidential and protected.

Compliance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We comply with all legal requirements regarding data protection and personal data. You can be sure that we process your data in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

Integrated with EDI

Clinic2Lab is integrated in the Danish EDI portal to have a secure exchange of data and medical record information. The dentist can connect through the EDI portal and set up his own individual dentist profile.


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