Get help to comply with the rules for the MDR

With Clinic2Lab, you get the necessary help to navigate the complex requirements in connection with the medical regulation (MDR). We understand that it can seem overwhelming to keep track of all the new requirements that have been introduced. Therefore, our program offers a number of built-in functions that ensure that you meet the requirements of the authorities and comply with the EU ­rules for medical devices.

Here are some of the ways in which Clinic2Lab can help you comply with the rules of the medical regulation:

Patient declarations and certificates

The program supports the requirements of the medical regulation regarding Lot and Batch numbers and information about the manufacturer. You can easily generate proper documentation that meets these requirements.

Legal storage of information

All relevant information about the work, Lot numbers, Batch numbers etc. is stored in accordance with the legislation. Everything is securely stored in our cloud solution for up to 10-15 years, as specified by the MDR.​

Regulatory Compliance Manual

Our system comes with a comprehensive manual where you can easily enter your own product information. The handbook contains the necessary legal documentation. You will also receive guidance and support to ensure that you comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

Easy search function

Clinic2Lab has an intuitive search function that makes it easy for you to find specific information when you must report in relation to MDR. You save time and have easy access to the necessary documentation.


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