Become part of the green transition​

Help us with shaping a sustainable future with Clinic2Lab. By switching to a digital worksheet, you not only contribute to saving time and money, but also to protecting the environment by reducing paper consumption. Help make a difference and choose Clinic2Lab as your partner in the green transition. Together we can create a more efficient, sustainable, and future-proof dental and laboratory industry.

Here are some ways Clinic2Lab helps dentists and laboratories become more ​sustainable in line with the UN Global Goals:​

Less paper consumption and deforestation

By avoiding paperwork and traditional worksheets, you contribute directly to the achievement of SDG12 and SDG15. You help reduce the need for paper, which leads to less deforestation and preservation of our forests.

Streamlining working hours

Clinic2Lab allows you to work more efficiently by reducing the need for unnecessary communication. By digitizing work sheets and processes, the system supports SDG8, while saving time and resources.​

Promotion of digitalisation

Clinic2Lab is part of the overall movement towards digitization, which is essential to achieve SDG8. By embracing digital tools and automation, you contribute to creating a more sustainable future.


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